AIA 150 - Shape of America 1 1 Shapes of America Buildings uploaded to the AIA 150 Shape of America project. Z6 House Single-family residence received a USGBC LEED™ Platinum rating and serves as a model home for a line of green, modular dwellings -118.4734724,34.0047843,0 Shangri La Botanical Gardens 252 acres in the heart of Orange, Texas, that serve as an interpretive center for native ecosystems -93.7516313,30.1028716,0 Sidwell Friends School Renovation transforms a 55-year-old facility into a school that teaches environmental responsibility by example -77.0747451,38.9390314,0 Golden Gate Bridge The Golden Gate Bridge was the world’s longest suspension bridge when completed in 1937. -122.478611,37.819722,0 Bellagio Hotel One of its most notable features is an eight-acre artificial lake (Lake Como) between the building and the Strip -115.173197,36.112899,0 Vietnam Veterans Memorial The memorial was initially controversial, but today is the standard against which all memorial are judged. -77.047949,38.891062,0 Plaza Hotel Upon the Plaza Hotel's opening, New York newspapers heralded it the "greatest hotel in the world." -73.976218,40.765665,0 Gateway Arch The Gateway Arch was legendary architect Eero Saarinen's first major commission. -90.183333,38.625278,0 Walt Disney Concert Hall Designed by architect Frank Gehry, the Disney Concert Hall has been home to the LA Philharmonic since it’s opening in 2003. -118.24885,34.055564,0 Cadet Chapel The Air Force Academy's Cadet Chapel was designed by Walter A. Netsch, Jr. and was dedicated on September 22, 1963. -104.839403,38.811653,0 Phillips Exeter Library The Phillips Exeter Academy Library was opened in 1995 in Exeter, New Hampshire and is among the renowned masterworks of architect Louis Kahn. -70.950632,42.980825,0 Hearst Residence The Mediterranean Revival “Hearst Castle” was built by William Randolph Hearst over a 28-year period. -121.185593,35.649883,0 Pennzoil Place The 36 story Pennzoil Place is one of Houston's most award-winning skyscraper and is widely known for its innovative design. -95.365791,29.760644,0 Taliesin West Taliesin West was Frank Lloyd Wright’s winter home and school in the desert. -111.849452,33.601135,0 Tribune Tower Designed to be “the most beautiful skyscraper in the world,” the Tribune Tower is a soaring, Neo-Gothic structure. -87.624071,41.890239,0 Empire State Building The Empire State Building is a 102-story Art Deco skyscraper in New York City, New York at the intersection of Fifth Avenue and West 34th Street. -73.984615,40.74833,0 National Museum of Air & Space Built in 1976, the National Air and Space Museum contains the largest collection of air- and spacecraft in the world. -77.019516,38.88816,0 Fenway Park Home to the Boston Red Sox since 1912, Fenway Park holds a special place in the hearts of fans and players alike. -71.098252,42.345353,0