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The buildings that we live in and use are rich in history and significance — monuments to our communities‘ and nation‘s image and innovation. More than mere buildings, America‘s most recognizable structures and those not so well known are the fabric of our communities, influence our lives and inspire us to dream. They are the Shape of America.

To mark The American Institute of Architects 150th anniversary in 2007, Americans from coast to coast engaged in a conversation about these structures, voting for their favorite buildings, bridges, monuments and memorials. Now the AIA is continuing the national dialogue through a stimulating series of videos, in which AIA architects share their personal stories, opinions and insights about these works of architecture.

What does America‘s Favorite Architecture mean to you? What memories do they evoke? How do they define our history or influence the way we live today? AIA wants you to answer these and other questions—and to pose your own—by joining the Shape of America conversation.

From this web site you can easily rate each structure. You can add your own insights and engage others through the blog. And you can forward each video to invite your friends, family, and others into the discussion.

This is your opportunity to enrich a dynamic conversation about how architecture in America brings us together and affects our lives. Your voice will help guide AIA architects as they pursue the next generation of projects that are the Shape of America.


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For 150 years, members of The American Institute of Architects have worked with each other and their communities to create more valuable, healthy, secure, and sustainable buildings and cityscapes. AIA members have access to the right people, knowledge, and tools to create better design, and through such resources and access, they help clients and communities make their visions real.

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